April 24, 2015

The Internet Has Created a New Generation of Medical Marijuana Patient-Growers

On October 11, 2013, 46 year-old Angela Kirking was awakened by DEA agents raiding her Illinois home looking for marijuana. The reason Kirking landed on the DEA’s radar? Because three weeks earlier she purchased a bottle of organic fertilizer at a local hydroponics store. Kirking wasn’t the only victim of overzealous surveillance by the Drug Enforcement […]

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March 15, 2015 marijuana coconut oil

Getting the most out of your medical marijuana with coconut oil

For thousands and thousands of years the human race has used the cannabis plant to treat everything from menstrual cramps to leprosy. In 2900 BC the Chinese emperor Fu Hsi said the plant possessed “both yin and yang”. Ancient Egyptians used marijuana to treat glaucoma and inflammation. In Greece they used it for ear aches and swelling. Early […]

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