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Marijuana Policy Project Targets Texas for Cannabis Law Reform in 2015

Each year the Marijuana Policy Project, or MPP, publishes a list of states that will receive planning, execution and fundraising assistance from the organization for the purpose of reforming marijuana laws. In 2014 MPP announced the long-term goal of working toward marijuana legalization in Texas by 2019. This year’s announcement, however,

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Crime & Punishment

Holder Announces Change to Asset Forfeiture Program, But is it Enough?

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has essentially ended a federal program that allowed local law enforcement agencies across the country to share in civil asset forfeitures when cooperating in federal investigations. By way of the Justice Department’s Equitable Sharing program, local and federal law enforcement agencies have legally

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suicide medical marijuana
Medical Marijuana

Suicide Rates Fall in States That Have Legalized Marijuana

The relationship between marijuana and mental health has received a great deal of attention from both proponents as well as opponents of medical marijuana legalization. But a joint study released this week by researchers at the University of Colorado, Montana State University and San Diego State University entitled Medical Marijuana Laws and Suicides

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Georgia Marijuana News and Information

Georgia lawmaker backs down on promise to bring marijuana refugees home, says smuggling is worth going to jail for

Georgia State Representative Allen Peake (R-Macon) has spent the last year trying very hard to brand himself the “medical marijuana politician”, vowing to fight until Georgia’s most vulnerable patients, children with seizure disorders, are able to gain unfettered access to CBD-rich cannabis oil. In fact, so dedicated to this

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Southern Weed

Make your own marijuana infused e-juice for your vape pen

If you live in the south and you watch the local news on television from time to time then you have no doubt, at some point, encountered a news story about the scourge of marijuana concentrates like wax, shatter and BHO that are “just now being found on

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Medical Marijuana

44 medical studies that demonstrate cannabis can treat cancer

When Richard Nixon declared war on drugs in the early 1970’s one of the not-so-obvious results of this mammoth policy shift was that scientific researchers were set back decades in discovering new cannabinoid-based treatments for serious medical conditions. In just a few decades the U.S. government was able

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Alabama Marijuana News and Information

Alabama Prison Guard Found Passed Out in Car With Half-Pound of Marijuana

An officer with the Alabama Department of Corrections was arrested in Wetumpka Tuesday after being found passed-out drunk in a McDonald’s parking lot with over eight ounces of marijuana that he allegedly planned to distribute to inmates. Michael Anderson, 28, of Prattville was arrested Tuesday morning and charged with

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