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CBD oil for dogs
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CBD and Dogs: A safe alternative

The last decade has been a whirlwind for cannabis reform activists across the United States. With more than half of our states (28) making marijuana legal for medical purposes and a growing number making it available to anyone over the age of 21 to enjoy recreationally it would be difficult

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Arkansas mmj initiative
Arkansas Marijuana News and Information

Arkansas proves that medical marijuana is no longer a Red/Blue issue

Heads up partisans, it’s time to remove marijuana prohibition from your party platform, and this year’s election should provide all the proof you need that it’s past-time to get on the right side of history. We know this is the case because Arkansas, where 60% of that red-state’s voters easily

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florida medical marijuana law
Florida Marijuana News and Information

Florida just legalized medical marijuana. Now what?

n what will certainly go down in the books the most memorable election in anyone’s memory, Florida voters returned to the polls this year and overwhelmingly approved that state’s medical marijuana ballot initiative, Amendment 2. While this historic vote was an incredibly important step in reducing the harm done

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florida medical marijuana
Crime & Punishment

Florida Woman Acquitted of Growing Marijuana for Medical Use

A 54 year-old woman was found not-guilty of cultivating marijuana Friday by a circuit court jury in southern Florida, who delivered the verdict despite the woman’s testimony that she had grown the marijuana plants she had been accused of growing. Bridget Kirouac, who told jurors that she suffers

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cbd oil
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Why is the state of Texas raiding pharmacies that sell CBD?

This week the Texas Department of Public Safety let it be known they are in no mood for CBD oil retailers who sell products that exceed the widely-accepted .3% THC level by raiding four Austin-area pharmacies. Peoples Pharmacy, a holistic pharmacy located in Austin was the focus of DPS

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